Our Parent Panel is made of moms and dads who care about physical literacy and getting kids active. They make Active for Life better by giving our team quick feedback on stories and content at Active for Life.

Every few months, we ask the Parent Panel to tell us what they think about the website, our tools, or a few particular stories. We use their feedback to decide new story topics and improvements to the website.

As part of the Parent Panel, you will receive exclusive previews of new content and web-based tools for helping kids to develop physical literacy. You will also receive Active for Life gear and other treats as a thank you from time to time!

As a Parent Panel member, your views are always valued. Just tell us like it is. And if you decide you’re ready to leave the Parent Panel, you’re free to do so at any time.

To join our Parent Panel, simply complete the form below and click Submit.

Thank you for joining the Parent Panel and helping to get kids moving through physical literacy! A member of the Active for Life team will contact you soon to welcome you to the group.