Get your kids in on the action this summer with our calendar of activities

Get your kids in on the action this summer with our calendar of activities

How’s everyone’s summer shaping up? Do you have weeks of camp scheduled? Or are you or a care-giver free-wheeling with your kids?

In our house we usually mix it up: a few weeks of camps and a few weeks with nothing planned so we can enjoy the slow pace of summer. I love to let my kids lead the way in terms of our daily activities and usually don’t plan big outings or adventures. We love nature walks and the splash pad at the park. We set up the sprinkler, ride bikes, and eat snacks on the front porch.

Active for Life’s summer 2014 calendar of activities

If, like our family, you have some downtime planned this summer, or if, like a good friend of mine, you’re planning to alternate with a few other parents and each take a small group of kids for a week of home camp, it does sometimes help to have a few structured activities in your back pocket.

That’s where our summer calendars come in with weekly themes — like rock and roll, over the rainbow, and nature lovers, for example. For all of July and August, we have suggestions for simple crafts, recipes, activities, and outings that can be the adults’ go-to when the kids are ready for some structured fun. The activities range from strawberry picking to balloon fights and we even found instructions for making your own butter!

How you use it is up to you; steal one activity or embrace the weekly themes, add in your own twists, or let the kids pick what they want to do. You can even print out the two months to hang on the fridge so that everyone can have a say.

If your kids do try any of the activities, please let us know how it goes! Tweet, post on our Facebook wall, or Instagram pictures with the hashtag #AfLkids and we might use your photos in a summer wrap-up article or on social media.

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