Stocking stuffers for active kids

Stocking stuffers for active kids

Word on the street is that even Santa sometimes leaves things to the last minute. So if you think he might be looking for some last minute stocking stuffer ideas for active kids, feel free to send him this list. We think that there are some great ideas on here that will make kids very happy on Christmas morning and encourage active fun over the break.

Compass (Let your little ones lead the way on the next family walk or hike.)

Skipping rope (Great for balancing tightrope games, too!)

Ball (Baby to big kid, there’s always room for bouncy fun.)

Bath toys (Perfect for splashy, swimmy fun that gets them clean in the process.)

Flashlight (Nighttime scavenger hunts are super-fun!)

Magnifying glass (A great way for them to examine nature finds.)

Healthy trail mix (Keep your kids fueled for adventure.)

Hats, gloves, mittens (Because they need to stay warm on snowy days.)

Lip balm (Little lips get dry pretty fast in the winter months.)

Hair accessories (Kids with long hair can pull it out of their faces.)

Binoculars (Perfect for bird-watching days in the woods.)

Notepad and pen (Kids can take notes on nature walks.)

Stopwatch (Great for setting personal challenges and trying to beat the clock.)

Socks (Little feet need to stay warm in snow boots and skates.)

Glitter sidewalk chalk (Not a white Christmas? Add a little bling to the hopscotch.)

Yoyo (An old classic that kids will love.)

Flower seeds (Great way to encourage a love of nature.)

Bubble bath (Makes the tub extra exciting.)

Jacks (An old-fashioned toy that proves simple toys can be hours of fun.)

Mini tape measure (To see how far/high they can jump)

Fresh fruit (Gives kids healthy food before all the Christmas treats.)

Water bottle (Little adventurers need to stay hydrated.)

Handheld microscope (Perfect for getting up close with nature.)

A pack of tissues (For runny noses on snowy days)

Fun band aids (Because little injuries are bound to happen.)

Tape (For making an indoor hopscotch on the floor.)

Whistle (For when they want to pretend to be their favourite coach or PE teacher.)

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