Steve Nash: the skateboarding basketball superstar

Steve Nash: the skateboarding basketball superstar

Steve Nash is a superstar in the NBA and a successful entrepreneur, but he’s also pretty good on a skateboard and with a soccer ball. Steve is living proof of what children can become when they develop physical literacy.

He shows us his basketball, skateboarding and soccer skills in the video “Training Day”.

Just a normal kid

When he was young, Steve was no different than any other kid chasing the ball around the field. But John and Jean Nash encouraged their children to play many sports.

Steve didn’t even start playing basketball until he was 12. By that time he had played soccer, tennis and hockey for years. He made friends and gained confidence as he learned how to move his body, preparing him for success in basketball.

Steve is not a “natural born athlete”. His success came from a great combination: parents who promoted physical literacy and the many hours he spent as a child simply enjoying sports.

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