Serena Williams’ advice to her daughter and all girls

Serena Williams’ advice to her daughter and all girls

World champion, newlywed, new mom. These are just a few words that describe tennis great Serena Williams, arguably one of the best athletes in the world. But it’s the latter role that she addresses in a new ad for Gatorade about girls and sports.

In this powerful video, Williams tells her baby daughter that she doesn’t care if her daughter ever picks up a tennis racket, but she does want her child to participate in and learn from sports. Over a montage of girls playing and sweating it out at various activities, Williams explains how sports teach you how to move, how to be strong, how to work together, and how to persevere. These are life skills that help everyone – particularly young girls – succeed on and off the playing field.

We know that girls have a higher rate of dropping out of sports in their teenage years than boys do, which is why it’s important to encourage girls to keep playing as they get older. So if you have a daughter, grab a tissue and see for yourself this inspiring message.

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    1. Hi Cheryl, the video is not produced by Active for Life so we cannot caption it, unfortunately. Thanks for the suggestion, and we will take it to heart when producing our own videos, to ensure they can be enjoyed without audio.

  1. Wow, very inspirational !!!
    Both my girls have played, soccer, ringette and hockey and continue to do so.
    Team sports, teach important life skills , all the while keeping fit, having fun and also building lifelong friendships along the way.
    You go girls!!!

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