Rookie Rugby provides resources for coaches and teachers

Rookie Rugby provides resources for coaches and teachers

After experiencing enormous success at the Olympics in Rio, Rugby Sevens and the sport of rugby have grown in popularity among Canadians of all ages. For kids, in particular, it’s never been easier to learn this fun, fast-paced game. Rookie Rugby, a program by Rugby Canada, introduces the sport in a safe way, using flag belts and by teaching the basics first.

The program is a pathway to develop young players — especially girls — and is adaptable for schools, communities, clubs, and playgrounds. In fact, Rookie Rugby is the newest activity found in P.E. classes across Canada, and it’s no wonder since it’s so easy to get started!

Some highlights from the program website include:

  • Rookie Rugby Guidebook: coaching resource that walks you through game setup and play
  • Rookie Rugby Game Cards: games and activities for learning rugby, for all levels
  • Rookie Rugby School Curriculum: session plans for teachers with little to no rugby experience

With access to straightforward resources and materials, every child can learn rugby. If it’s rough and tumble play that concerns you, rest assured that Rookie Rugby is 100% non-contact and safe for kids. It’s a great introduction to the game that helps keep kids healthy and having fun. Better yet, the curriculum incorporates elements of Rugby Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Pathway and physical literacy.

What are you waiting for? Give it a try.

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