Role Model Spotlight: Diana Mancuso

Role Model Spotlight: Diana Mancuso

Diana Mancuso is a teacher and mother of two who understands the importance of physical activity and physical literacy, both for her own kids and for her students. When she’s not teaching or doing crafts with her children you can often find her upside down. Oh, and she’s met Oprah. Of course that hasn’t got anything to do with physical literacy but we thinks it’s pretty cool anyway.

Q&A with Diana Mancuso

AfL: What’s your biggest fear?

Diana Mancuso: Heights. But I embraced my fear and participated in a tree-top activity that made me confront my fear … and I lived to tell about it!

AfL: What’s your proudest moment?

Diana Mancuso: When I completed my first five kilometre run — a mud race full of crazy obstacles; when my daughter competed in her first official swim meet; and when my son scored his first goal in soccer.

AfL: Tell us about your favourite way to spend time with your family.

Diana Mancuso: We love to go on weekend getaways to family resorts with wide varieties of activities for all of us.

AfL: What’s your favourite season to play outdoors with your kids and what do you like to do when you’re out there?

Diana Mancuso: Summer, because most of the things we love to do are summer activities: biking, hiking, walking, swimming. And it’s so much easier to just get up and go have adventures.

AfL: Do you have a preferred physical activity?

Diana Mancuso: Yoga. I don’t practice in a formal setting but I do yoga poses and breathing everywhere. At school, when I’m waiting for the photocopier, I do the tree pose.

AfL: Some other little known fact about you that you’d like to share?

Diana Mancuso: I love salsa dancing. And standing on my head. Random but true.

AfL: Tell us in a few words why you’re excited to be an AfL Role Model.

Diana Mancuso: As a teacher and a mother of two young children, I value the importance of regular physical activity and have witnessed first hand how physical literacy plays a crucial role in the development of a child’s skill set and self-confidence. I couldn’t be more thrilled to align with a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of physical literacy.

Join us in welcoming Diana to the Active for Life family and please say hello in the comments below.

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