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Postcards for parents

Active for Life can provide you with postcards that explain what physical literacy is and why it matters for kids. Parents love them! We design, print, and ship you the postcards (no cost to you) and you distribute them to parents.

Click on the images below to see examples of our postcards.

Co-branded postcard orders

If you commit to distributing more than 2500 postcards, we’ll create a postcard co-branded to your organization.

image of sample co-branded postcard

Bookmarks explaining physical literacy

Adapted from our popular physical literacy infographic, these colourful eye-catching bookmarks will stick with your reading audiences. Every time one of your parents opens their favourite tome, they will be reminded that physical literacy is just as important for their kids as reading literacy.

Note: As Active for Life is a privately funded Canadian initiative, we endeavour to fill the needs of Canadian organizations first. However, we will do our best to answer requests from outside Canada when possible.

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