The positive benefits of regular physical activity

Proof that physical activity improves kids lives

Kino-Québec’s scientific committee has published a position statement entitled “Physical activity, sport and youth: Knowing and acting“.

The paper summarizes many studies that investigated the effect of physical activity and sport on health, fitness, lifestyle, educational success, social skills and the psychological well-being of children and teenagers. And it supports the research review conducted by Best Start in 2011.

The many beneficial effects of physical activity and sport are represented in the diagram above. It’s a good visual representation of the fact that children who are running and jumping and physically competent are also better off cognitively, emotionally and socially.

The fact that too many young people are not active enough has become a cause of great concern, and rightly so.

As a spontaneous form of entertainment and a source of well-being, sports and physical activities:

  • help improve and maintain all physical fitness determinants as well as several components of physical and mental health
  • contribute to educational success
  • go hand in hand with other healthy lifestyle habits

In addition, they can help foster a feeling of belonging to the community and create social networks.

It is therefore important that all stakeholders work together to offer young people attractive opportunities for physical exercise.

Have you noticed some of these positive physical, mental and emotional effects as your child gets active?

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