Find physical activity programs for Canadian kids with autism and other special needs

Find physical activity programs for Canadian kids with autism and other special needs

Kids with autism can’t always participate in physical activity programs at their local community centre. Luckily, there are organizations across Canada that make sports and other physical activities accessible to them and other children with special needs.

British Columbia/Alberta

The Canucks Autism Network helps kids with autism keep fit through a variety of sports and recreation programs. See our article on CAN for more.

The Centre for Autism Alberta offers a variety of classes for kids with autism and other disabilities, including soccer, skating and yoga.

Central Canada

Manitoba Families for Floortime connects families with provincial sports and recreation programs that support the participation of kids with autism.


Autism Ontario connects families with sports and recreation programs in the Toronto area.


Autisme Québec offers a variety of programs for kids and their families, province-wide.

Atlantic Canada

The Autism Society of Newfoundland and Labrador offers a wide variety of supports and programs to families of kids with autism, including swimming and gymnastics.

In Nova Scotia, Allkids Services offers parent-and-tot swimming classes to families who have kids with special needs.

Other organizations

Special Olympics Canada offer a wide variety of sports options to those over the age of 2 who have an intellectual disability. There are chapters in every Canadian province and territory.

Special Hockey International offers hockey to developmentally challenged people of all ages. Most of the Canadian clubs are in Ontario, but supports are in place to help you start one in your area!

Summer camps

For a list of day camps and summer camps tailored specifically to kids with autism, check out

Are there other great Canadian organizations out there that aren’t on this list? Please add them in the comments.

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  1. Located at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, we provide physical activity and fitness opportunities for children and youth from 4 to 19 years of age who are experiencing physical, sensory or developmental impairments. Free2BMe programs develop skills and knowledge towards health and wellness while asserting autonomy and independence in a fun and social environment.

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