Top 5 posts of 2015: What you were reading about last year

Top 5 posts of 2015: What you were reading about last year

December is the perfect time to reflect on the year that’s just happened, and maybe gather some insights you can take into the year just ahead. The five articles that got the most traffic to our website create an interesting picture about what was important to you, our readers, in 2015.

The ideas that resonated with you had to do with creativity, respect, questioning the status quo, and most of all, fun.

The top 5 articles of 2015

#5: An open letter to parents from a referee

In this heartfelt letter, Jaime Neefs talks to parents from her perspective as a referee. It’s a window into a role we may not always give enough thought or attention to unless we’re disagreeing with their calls. Help your child treat referees with the gratitude and respect they deserve; a great resolution for next season.

#4: How to make beanbag balls for active family fun

A fun project for a weekend, a rainy day, or a birthday party, these adorable ninja beanbag balls will get kids making a colourful craft and practicing their throwing and catching skills at the same time.

#3: These school children are being encouraged to “run” in the hallway

This innovative program gets kids moving during their school day by turning the every day task of walking through the hallways into an opportunity to hop, skip, and jump (while practicing math at the same time).

#2: Video shows what happens when “play” becomes “practice”

This video, that resonated with so many of you, shines a light on what happens to kids when they specialize in sports too early instead of having the chance to just play.

#1: Can you guess the one thing that most elite athletes have in common?

The top story of 2015, a guest post by John O’Sullivan, provides a more in-depth discussion on the topic of early sport specialization and the importance of giving kids the opportunity to try lots of sports and activities when they are young. Specialization was a hot issue this year. Where do you stand?

Did any of your favourites not make the list? Tell us which topics are most important to you and your family in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

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