Enter the great “Shared Purpose” challenge

Based on a keynote address by Active for Life editor-in-chief Richard Monette, Sport Nova Scotia is looking for suggestions for a “shared purpose” statement to engage all citizens in getting children to become physically literate.

Grow your program by educating parents about physical literacy

Active for Life makes it easy for you to educate and mobilize parents. As you launch your program, teach parents about physical literacy by using our free tools and learning materials. Help them understand why physical literacy is important for their child, and they’ll sign up and spread the word about your program.

Resources for developing physical literacy

This section contains resources that educators, caregivers, and program leaders can use to help children to develop physical literacy. If you are a parent or guardian, please visit our Parent Resources section. Children develop physical literacy by learning a wide variety of fundamental movement skills that allow them to enjoy many different physical activities and … Continued

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