Our free KidActive app is now bilingual

Our free KidActive app is now bilingual

Fundamental movement skills do not have a language preference, but families practicing them might! A new feature now lets you choose to use the app either in English or en français.

KidActive is the free app that will help you guide your kids to physical literacy. It was built for your mobile phone or tablet but you can also use it on any computer. Open your browser on your mobile device and visit http://kidactive.activeforlife.com. If you’re using an iPhone you can add it to your home screen, too.

It includes 50+ fun, quick and easy activities that your kids can do. Each was designed by physical literacy experts to develop fundamental movement skills.

We’ve grouped the activities into three categories (mobility, arms, and legs) to ensure your kids are balanced in their development.

The activities have also been listed by the amount of time they take, so if you’ve only got 10 minutes in the school yard before the morning bell, you can easily find an activity that can be completed in that time.

Go to KidActive, choose your language preference, create a profile, and choose a skill to practise or let the app suggest some to you. Follow the instructions and record your child’s mobility, arms, and legs performance progress, and … have fun!


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