How to use a fortune teller

How to use a fortune teller

Do you ever come across those nostalgic online quizzes that ask, “How many toys from the ’90s (or ’80s, ’70s, etc.) can you identify?”

Bop It. Skip-It. Magic Mitt. Moon Boots.

Each of these toys, whether you owned one or played with your neighbour’s, brings back memories of active backyard fun. Though the chances of seeing one today are slim, these blast-from-the-past moments do happen and offer the chance to pass on the joys of active play to the next generation.

The printable Active for Life fortune teller [PDF] is one of those “throwback” activities, but with a reimagined twist! It won’t predict your future, but it can certainly inspire the whole family to play together and share in the nostalgia of your childhood.

The fortune teller challenges, including one-foot hopping, crab-walk tag, and book-balancing, build fundamental movement skills, developing kids’ physical literacy while having fun. You can use it at home, at the park, or just about anywhere with space to play.

Can’t quite remember how to use a fortune teller? Watch the short video below and all the memories of recesses past will come flooding back. Happy hopping!

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