How to raise girls to be gutsy and brave

How to raise girls to be gutsy and brave

How do we raise girls to be gutsy? According to former fire fighter, Caroline Paul, we must guide girls outside of their comfort zones and teach them to view life through a lens of bravery.

In a brief radio segment with CBC, Paul discusses her book, appropriately named “The Gutsy Girl,” and suggests activities that develop bravery and confidence.

Outdoor adventures, such as stargazing and compass-making, are fun for kids and provide obvious feelings of bravery. In contrast, micro-bravery tasks break down something scary into small acts of bravery. Even “random acts of bravery,” as Paul describes, can help girls rehearse the feeling of bravery and learn how it’s different from fear.

Along with risky play, the activities outlined in Paul’s book develop self-confidence, decision-making, and teamwork. And as girls get older, these skills transfer over into social networks and the workplace.

The playground is the best venue for girls to practice bravery. Whether it’s attempting a new skill or trying some challenging equipment, Caroline Paul believes it all begins with the mindset,“I AM BRAVE.”

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  1. I love the idea of gutsy brave girls! The idea of “random acts of bravery” and realizing that the feeling of bravery is different than that of fear is a great way to frame it when our girls are attempting new skills. Well done.

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