Hockey Canada releases concussion app

Hockey Canada releases concussion app

With the recent years’ increase in hockey-related head injuries and new media buzz surrounding them, concussions have become a top concern among 21st-century hockey parents.

Thankfully, Hockey Canada has come up with a modern-day tool for a modern-day problem. Its new Concussion Awareness Apps have features to help users understand, avoid, identify and recover from concussions.

The new apps—with separate versions for players and parents—have a wide variety of resources aimed at countering the concussion epidemic. “Download this app to your phone or tablet today, and you will have concussion information on prevention, rules, symptoms and ‘return to play’ protocol at your fingertips,” says Hockey Canada president and CEO Bob Nicholson in a Hockey Canada press release.

The app has received the endorsement of NHL star Sidney Crosby, who has suffered from severe head injuries in recent seasons:

I feel very fortunate that hockey has been part of my life since I was very young and admire Hockey Canada’s commitment to educating families and players about all aspects of the game,” said Crosby. “It is important to always give your best effort and yet always be respectful of everyone on the ice. Be smart, stay safe and have fun.”

Both player and parent versions of the apps are available for iOS, Blackberry and Android platforms. For more information on the apps, visit

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