How you can help reverse Canada’s inactivity epidemic

How you can help reverse Canada’s inactivity epidemic

Even as our community here at Active for Life continues to stress the importance of physical activity for families, research demonstrates that sedentary behaviour remains a critical public health issue among Canadians of all ages. Simply put, we need to be more proactive about getting our bodies moving.

Together with other sectors of society, federal, provincial, and territorial (FPT) Ministers responsible for sport, physical activity, and recreation (SPAR) are working to address this disturbing trend by developing a physical activity framework. They’ve asked the Conference Board of Canada to reach out to parents, professionals, businesses, NGOs, and other Canadians to help in the development of that framework.

Bottom line: they’re asking for your input for solutions on how we can collectively reverse the inactivity epidemic.

If you’d like to participate — and we hope you will — please complete this online survey by November 11, 2016. (Note: The survey deadline has been extended to November 21, 2016 at 11:59 PM EST.)

Please share it with others you know who would like to have a voice in the consultation process. Together, we can get Canada moving for the good of ourselves, our children, and our country.

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  1. I believe active life style is important for overall health but not always correlated to reduction in weight. The more important factor to be addressed is diet. Far too many fast foods both at drive through and made at home are on the increase. In addition, snack food once thought of as fruit and veggies is now chips and high fat/sugar items. Finally, portion control is out of control…ie doesn’t exist. More is NOT better or even needed…parents need to learn to say NO to their kids and not feel bad. They also need to step up and be examples in life style and diet!

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