Infographics show improving body confidence in girls, impact of sport participation

Infographics show improving body confidence in girls, impact of sport participation

If, like me, you’ve been known to worry about how your daughter will handle body image issues once she hits adolescence, I have great news.

An encouraging infographic in The Guardian cites a 12-month study by the Youth Sport Trust that shows girls’ attitudes towards their bodies and sports is changing for the better.

Get a load of these hopeful statistics:

  • “girls who are happy with the way their body looks more than doubled, from 28% to 56% in just a year”
  • “girls feelings about PE classes and extracurricular sports has risen from 38% to 71%”

The article also quotes girls feeling better after physical activity and feeling more confidence and excitement about going to school in general.

And that’s not all.

With this increase in sports and physical activity, women are successfully taking what they learn in athletics into the career world. Another infographic, published by EYWomen’s Business Network and ESPNW, captured the highlights of an additional study that found:

  • of the women polled, out of 400 female businesswomen on four continents, nearly 60% hold management positions and out of that group 94% played sports
  • 74% of the women polled claim that it was their sports background that helped accelerate their career
  • three quarters of the respondents say that an athletic history would make candidates much more likely to get hired, as job recruiters see athletic endeavours on one’s resume as a sign of a strong work ethic and determination

Says Beth Brooke Marciniak, a U.S. Title basketball scholarship recipient and one of Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women, “Sport teaches intangible leadership skills that can’t be taught in the classroom.”

When you look at the stats cited in both articles, clearly getting your girls into team sports would be a slam dunk, home run, hole-in-one … you get the picture. There’s definitely lots to cheer about.

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