Get physical literacy on the agenda with BACK P.A.C.

Get physical literacy on the agenda with BACK P.A.C.

You can join a Parent Advisory Council or join the Governing Board to bring the topic of physical activity and physical literacy onto the agenda at your child’s school during regular Governing Board meetings.  The topics can include such things as PE curriculum and the importance of daily physical activity within the school setting (class, recess, lunch hour, and before and after school programs).

Physical activity leads to better health and improved academic results for our children. Physical literacy – which is no less important than numeracy and literacy – allows children to be physically active in schools.

The idea of BACK PAC is for the Parent Advisory Council to become the Physical Activity Council. Start by getting physical activity on the PAC agenda, then get your principal and PE teachers on board. From there, explore ways that physical activity can be implemented to help achieve educational objectives.

This document was made possible through the work of Dr. Dean Kriellaars.

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