4 active games to make Halloween spook-tacular for preschoolers

4 active games to make Halloween spook-tacular for preschoolers

A fun Halloween option for families who have young children is to host a party instead of going out trick or treating. It gives you a bit of control so you don’t have to worry about uncooperative weather, pillow cases full of sugar, and gory decorations freaking out your kids and ruining their night.

It’s also an opportunity to incorporate active fun and games so your guests get some physical activity before indulging in whatever treats you have planned.

About.com has a great list of games and activities to try. Our favourites are:

Monster freeze dance

Put on “Monster Mash” and other seasonal tunes. Have kids show off their silliest monster dance moves, but they must freeze in place when the tunes turn off!

Pumpkin bowling

Choose smallish pumpkins with short stems (depending on the ages of your party guests). Set up 1- or 2-liter plastic bottles and tape off a starting line for an instant bowling alley. Fill the bottles with a bit of sand or rice if they topple over too easily. You can also have kids decorate the bottles with stickers, markers, and other art materials.

Musical pumpkins

Cut pumpkin shapes from construction paper and arrange them on the floor; kids must move from pumpkin to pumpkin while music plays, just like in musical chairs. To keep kids from being excluded, allow them to share pumpkins as you remove a pumpkin for each round. By the end of the game, all the kids have to squeeze onto one spot. For variety, you could also use spider webs, tombstones, or witchy cauldrons for targets.

Wiggle worm

This goofy race requires kids to work together (and stick together) as a team. Divide the group into two equal teams. Teams must line up and form a “worm.” The person at the front of the line reaches his left hand between his legs; the player behind him grabs it with her right hand; and so on all the way to the end of the line. When you say “Go” (or “Boo!”), each team must run to a goal line and back. Whichever team gets back first is the winner — but only if their worm is still intact!

We’d love to hear any other great ideas you have for active Halloween fun!

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