6 ways to develop movement skills at the park

6 ways to develop movement skills at the park

March 30 is Take a Walk in a Park Day. What a great opportunity to get outdoors and discover all that spring has to offer. While you’re in the park, take some time to have fun developing movement skills.

Here are six easy ways to supplement your walk with fun, skill-building activities:

1. Practice agility by playing a game of follow the leader and let your child lead you around, over, and through trees, logs, shrubs, and boulders.

Find Your Local Park

  • Check your local municipalities website
  • Check your local tourism bureau
  • In 2017, admission to all National Parks in Canada is free

2. Go for a roll down a hill or keep your balance as you cross a log. Practice standing on one foot in front of a park bench; use it for balance if you need to.

3. Get out your baseball mitt, scoop, or modified milk jug for a simple game of underhand catch. For toddlers, roll a large ball instead.

4. Go for a Forest Hop. Pick a patch of trees and kangaroo hop through the patch.

5. Run or jog along a trail, racing from one trail marker to the next. You can even incorporate hopping (one foot or two), rolling, or moving like animals to change it up.

6. Toss your stones. Throwing stones in water is a classic for a reason. Not only is it fun, it helps develop coordination of the arms and torso.

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