Congratulations Tanya Koob

Congratulations Tanya Koob

Congratulations to AfL Role Model, Tanya Koob, for receiving the Senate 150th Anniversary Medal in November 2017.

Her hometown paper, the Daily Herald Tribune, reported on the achievement and explained how Tanya’s work has grown to impact thousands of Canadian families.

She received this distinction for her work starting the Calgary Outdoor Playgroup back in 2012. What began as a small group has grown into 3,500 families. Tanya’s group joined forces with the Canadian Wildlife Federation in 2015 and now there are many of these family nature clubs across the country.

When Tanya posted about her medal on Facebook she included the following comment:

“Growing up in Grande Prairie I was a total bookworm, rarely did anything outside, and didn’t especially love physical exercise. I think getting a medal for motivating others to get outside and to be active says volumes about how a person can change and better themselves. For me, I just had to move across the ocean to Korea to discover my love of the outdoors and mountains. Thankful Noah is discovering his passion for being outside at a much younger age than I did.”

We’re incredibly proud of Tanya’s continuous and exemplary role modeling for parents as she gets outside and active with her son, Noah, documenting their adventures on her Instagram and other social media channels and through her blog, Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies.

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