Book review: Messy Jessy Gets Active

Book review: Messy Jessy Gets Active

Recently my kids and I read “Messy Jessy Gets Active” and loved it. The book is a delightful read that encourages active play for young children. I especially love the fun rhyming style of writing. The kids loved repeating the chorus rhymes.

“There is a little red-headed girl,
Playful and energetic as can be.
She runs around and tries new things.
For sure, she must be me.”

Jessy is a fun-loving and energetic girl who loves to run around and try new things and activities. She tells the reader about how her parents are always asking, “What do you want to do?”, and her reply, “I want to play, pretend, and have fun, and be really active too.”

The author, Jayne Peters, introduces Jessy as a girl who loves to be messy, who feels free and happiest when she’s pretending and playing. She loves singing and dancing, and yoga too.

Messy Jessy Gets Active


Author: Jayne Peters
Publisher: Puddle Duck Publishing
Format: soft cover picture book
Price: $12.95

Jessy pretends she’s a star soccer player, a famous bike rider, and a championship gymnast. And she loves them all.

The Verdict

The book is written simply with a reading level of Grade 2. Adults and older siblings can read this book to their little ones. My oldest, who is 11 years old, read it to her 7-year-old younger sister; it was such fun to watch them together acting out the messy, sporty scenes from the book.

The bright illustrations and rhymes make the book an attractive choice.

For those who enjoy “Messy Jessy Gets Active”, it’s worth noting that this is the second Jessy book from author Jayne Peters. The earlier book, “Messy Jessy”, introduced readers to fun-loving Jessy who loves a good mess. From sticky glue to mismatched socks, from wet footprints on the floor to spilt juice, nothing fazes Jessy who says in the book:

“I love being Messy Jessy,
I love being me.”

I received the books, “Messy Jessy” and “Messy Jessy Gets Active” for this review. The narrative and opinions are all my own.


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