Parents push kids into ‘athletic arms race’

Parents push kids into ‘athletic arms race’

A recent article by the Associated Press describes the new “athletic arms race” that is happening in kids’ sports.

A trend is emerging where parents are pushing their children to specialize early in one sport. In the process, they are paying for hours of extra coaching to make sure their kids get a shot at “making the team” in sports such as baseball, golf, soccer, football and basketball.

Put another way, some kids are training and competing just for a chance to play.

Is there something wrong with this picture?

The author writes:

Many parents, coaches and researchers see a steady upping of the ante in youth sports, with kids whose families can afford the time and cost involved playing more, practicing more, and specializing in one sport at younger ages.

At a time when we need to encourage kids to play sports and get active, are we making sports and physical activity less accessible, less fun, and less age-appropriate for our children?

Food for thought, and a trend to continue monitoring.

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