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Physical literacy in Niagara

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From the time we are born, life invites us to move. We learn to crawl, then walk, and eventually run down life’s pathways. This has been the natural progress of physical literacy for thousands of years. 

But today’s world is not as friendly to movement and physical activity as it was in the past. Technology and changing social forces often interrupt the natural activity that has always been part of the passage of childhood.  

We can make the difference as parents. By becoming champions for physical literacy, we can ensure that our children get the right opportunities to fulfill their potential in movement and life.   

Want to learn how? See the articles and resources below for practical tips and inspiration.  

How much is too much screen time for kids? (And what to do about it)

Today’s children spend a lot of time with screen devices, from television and computers to tablets and phones. Too much can have a negative impact if not addressed. What can parents do about it?

57 fun physical activities for 2 to 4 year olds

If you have a child under 5 years old, then you know what it’s like to try to keep up with them. This list of 57 fun activities is the ultimate go-to for any playdate, home childcare setting, or a morning or afternoon with a caregiver. 

20 outdoor sensory play activities for young children

What is sensory play and why is it so popular? Here are 20 fun outdoor sensory play activities that your child can enjoy no matter where you live.

The role multisport plays in raising a happy, healthy child athlete

By playing multiple sports, the idea is that kids will experience fewer overuse injuries, less burnout, and less dropout from activity.

15 signs that your child is physically literate

One key indicator is showing confidence while attempting new activities.

5 ways to support your child in sport

Use these strategies for kids aged 10-15.

Tips for getting active with your non-sporty child

Growing up, my son just wasn’t into in sports. I’ve since learned that sports are just one way to be active—and that physical activity should be enjoyable.