Here is a sample letter that can be sent to your child’s school, coach, day care, or anyone you think plays a role in helping develop your child’s physical literacy. All you need to do is cut and paste the content into an email or a word doc and send it off!


I am writing to ask you about promoting physical literacy education at [NAME OF SCHOOL]. Physical literacy is considered very important in child development, and I am keen to know what our school is doing to ensure our kids are physically literate.

Physical literacy has been identified by experts in physical education, sport, and even cognitive science as a key ingredient in raising healthy, happy, and successful children. It provides the foundation for kids to enjoy physical activity and sports, but it also has far-reaching implications for their brain development, scholastic performance, and wellbeing in general.

The basic recipe for developing physical literacy includes structured and unstructured play opportunities, combined with intentional instruction in fundamental movement skills, such as jumping, skipping, hopping, throwing, catching, etc.

I know that [NAME OF SCHOOL] provides programming in physical education. I am curious to know if the PE curriculum specifically addresses physical literacy and targeted movement skills?

Research shows that it is very important to start developing physical literacy in early childhood prior to adolescence. I would really like to see our school as a leader in physical literacy programming.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this topic.

Sincere regards,


P.S. [NAME OF TEACHER OR SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR], there is an excellent Canadian website called Active for Life ( that features articles and information about physical literacy, as well as actual lesson plans for developing physical literacy. Perhaps the school could promote this website as an extra resource for teachers and parents?