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Active Start is for children 4 and younger.


Why is Active Start so good for your child?

Raising an active child isn’t easy. Between screen devices and busy schedules, active free play often gets the squeeze.

Yet it’s essential that our kids learn to move and play from a young age. As they grow, regular physical activity is key to the development of their brains and bodies.

What can parents do?

We need to help our children develop an early love of movement. We need ideas that work, and the Active Start newsletter—designed for kids age 0-4—has them.

Get tips tailored to your child’s age

As your child grows, the Active Start newsletter will give you activities and tips tailored specifically to the age of your child, delivered right to your inbox. From activities that develop crawling, climbing, running, and jumping to articles addressing topics like early brain development, Active Start helps you do the right things at the right time.

It’s about giving your child the right start. Through fun, age-appropriate activities and games at every stage of growth, your child will develop a lifelong love of movement and activity.

Raising our children to be active can be challenging, but it can also be fun.