Printable Active Advent Calendar

This active Advent calendar will help keep those kids moving

Christmas is coming and there’s nothing better than the tradition of counting down the days with a fun, family Advent calendar.

This year, Active for Life has devised a way to help families make the Christmas countdown even more special by making it active, too. Instead of just the usual chocolate, check out the cool printable we’ve made for you and give your kids the gift of an active December.


It’s our Active Advent Calendar printable!

Don’t worry if some of our suggestions won’t work for your family. We’ve given you lots of extras to choose from, and even some blank spaces to make your own. Simply cut out your 24 favourite activities, tuck them into the family advent calendar (or make a brand new one!) and see if your kids can do something active each day in the month leading up to Christmas.

View a printable PDF of our advent calendar.

Merry active Christmas to all!

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