Our accomplishments

The growth of both AfL and public awareness of the term “physical literacy” (PL) has been astonishing and remains a testament to B2ten’s profound belief that getting kids moving is of vital importance to Canada. Here are some of the highlights from our past couple of years:


Sport Canada, who believe that raising active children is important and that PL plays a key role, join us as a financial supporter.

  • The RBC Kids Pledge is the Royal Bank’s five-year, $100M commitment to improve the well-being of one million kids and youth. As part of this pledge they have chosen Active for Life as one of the programs that they support in order to meet this objective.
  • Olympic athletes such as Jenn Heil, Shelley-Ann Brown, and Eric Guay, and professional athletes like Steve Nash and Vincent LeCavalier, have supported our efforts by appearing in our PSA videos, attending in-person and online events, and speaking about PL in the media.
  • The Physical Literacy Alliance was launched in late 2013 with the goal of promoting PL education and programming across Canada and is committed to:
    1. Providing quality PL programming for our community, and supporting similar programs across Canada.
    2. Educating parents, families, and media on the importance of PL.
    3. Providing parents and families with practical PL resources.
    4. Developing best practices for PL professionals through sharing and dialogue.


We’re committed to equipping professionals who work with children with the tools and resources they need to provide high quality PL programming:

  • Our lesson plan builder, has simplified the process for daycares, programmers, and educators to easily incorporate fun PL games into their programs.
  • Tools for those delivering PL programming to educate their communities of parents about the importance of PL.

Role Models

We’ve launched a new Role Models program that will help us reach more Canadian parents by amplifying our message. We’re excited about the number of influential Canadian parents and elite athletes that make up our team of Role Models.

Online Magazine

Since 2012, Active for Life has built a full-fledged media organization, publishing more than one thousand original articles in both English and French. Our top articles have been shared up to three thousand times and seen almost one million times.

Social Media

Our social media channels have experienced tremendous growth since we first launched, expanding our community, reach, and engagement. Taken together, we have the ability to reach upwards of ninety thousand parents through our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.