Summer Camp Games with social distancing

7 summer camp games to play while physical distancing

Are you getting ready to run a summer camp? Do you know a summer camp leader who could use games and activities for physical distancing? Active for Life has great new resources for camp leaders during COVID-19.

In response to requests from recreation leaders and staff, our resources team has created this new collection of activities and games that support both physical literacy and physical distancing.

With just a mouse click, you can download a printable PDF with a complete set of instructions for active games such as Frog Zapper, Codebreaker, Rhythm Master, and more.  

Each game is designed to work with groups of approximately 10 to 20 children, and each helps to develop fundamental movement skills such as running, jumping, and hopping through active fun. 

Summer camps will be a little more challenging than usual this year, with camp leaders needing to practice extra vigilance around safety. Our new activity resource sheets provide a ready-made solution.

Download the printable instruction sheets here:

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