4 reasons to love sports tournaments

4 reasons to love sports tournaments

Editor’s note: This article comes to us courtesy of our friends at the Ontario Minor Hockey Association. But the reasons they love hockey tournaments are also good reasons to love all sports tournaments, whether they are hockey, ball, or soccer.

Just as the weather starts to turn rain into snow, the hockey season is turning into peak tournament time.

There are 29 tournaments taking place this upcoming weekend. That’s after 35 tournaments the weekend before.

Guest post by the OMHA

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Many of the tournaments happening over the coming weeks are Silver Stick. Over the years, the International Silver Stick tournaments have evolved from regional competition to 47 tournaments across North America for boys and girls of all ages. Now in its 60th year, teams from across the OMHA continue to participate in the storied tournament, as well as welcome teams into their city when hosting.

Tournaments can be fun for the whole family. Getting everyone involved just adds to the overall experience. There are so many reasons why we love tournaments and here are just a few.

1. Team bonding

Some of the most memorable moments from tournaments don’t even happen on the ice. From swimming in the hotel pool to sitting at the largest table in the restaurant, spending time with all of your teammates off the ice is where true team bonding happens. From house league to rep, from Novice to Midget, there are tournaments happening out there for everyone. Give your team what could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

2. Tradition

Running a tournament can become a yearly tradition for some associations. Often called a “Classic” or “Annual” tournament, chances are the same teams like to attend each season. This could be the year where it’s your team’s turn to carry on the legacy of representing your town and participating.

3. New faces, new places

Tournaments often bring upon new opponents that you wouldn’t normally face during regular season play. This is a great way to see how your team stacks up against other groups your age while playing in a new town. Take advantage of your time away from home – study the schedule and look into visiting local attractions that make each place unique.

4. Go, go, go

Tournaments offer a lot of action in a short amount of time. It can often involve a team playing two games in one day. Make sure that you are eating properly so that you can perform at your best on the ice. Book off some time to finish weekend homework and to rest and relax before the next big game. It’s a busy weekend but there’s still time to get everything done.

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  1. Yup! This article is totally true. I just love seeing the camaraderie and support from the teams, they all just have a special bond with each other that are unrivaled and unmatched. Thanks for sharing the beauty of sports and tournaments!

  2. I found it really interesting how you talked about the tradition of going to a tournament every year for a sport. My son really likes to play baseball, and we want our son to have the best experience possible when playing the sport. I will be sure to see if there is a tournament that his team can go to frequently!

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