14 ways to celebrate Father’s Day at home

14 ways to celebrate Father’s Day at home

There’s really nothing quite like becoming a dad. Sure, it comes with a lot of responsibility, but there’s nothing more rewarding than teaching your little ones valuable skills and being an important role model in their lives.

Father’s Day is an important day to celebrate the awesome dads of the world and make sure they get to spend some quality time with the people they love the most. Whether Dad is into sports, loves to head outdoors, or likes to get creative, here are 14 ways to celebrate with him this year.

For the dad who loves to be active

Set up a sports centre: Sports games are always a great idea, whether you give Dad this opportunity to teach kids to kick a soccer ball, pull out the beach balls to play volleyball or dodgeball, or you get creative with a hockey game using only pool noodles and beach balls, a fun time is pretty much guaranteed when sports are involved.

Host a special Father’s Day Olympics: Father’s Day can absolutely call for an at-home Olympic-worthy track and field event. Set up different stations for sprinting, river leaping, cardboard javelin, and even a running long jump station. If you want to ramp up your setup, you can even use notepads and stopwatches to time and record everyone’s results. Bonus points if you have medals on hand to use as prizes!

Go on a biking excursion: If the entire family is equipped accordingly, why not take this opportunity to go out on a Father’s Day bike ride? There are probably some areas of your neighbourhood that you haven’t discovered yet, or you could pack a picnic and enjoy lunch together in a scenic spot.

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Have some silly sprinkler fun: If the day is warm, set up the sprinkler and run around together to cool off. You could even put a spin on a game of dodgeball and throw soaked sponges at each other to help everyone cool off.

Hop away: Hopscotch is a classic summer activity, but why not add a fun twist to help your little ones further their physical literacy skills? A fun hopscotch obstacle course is sure to get everyone in the family hopping away!

For the dad who loves the outdoors

Go on a backyard campout: In these uncertain times, we don’t know when we’ll be able to head out on our next camping adventure, but the backyard edition is a sure bet for family fun. Get everyone to help set up the tent and sleeping bags, and get a bonfire or grill fired up for sausages and marshmallows. If the weather isn’t cooperating, or if you don’t have a backyard, you can always get creative with building a fort indoors.

Light a backyard bonfire: If Dad likes to be outdoors but maybe isn’t the world’s biggest camper, you can still get some fresh air with the family by settling in for a bonfire. Get everyone in on finding branches around the yard, or going on a branch-collecting walk during the day to find what you need. Some sticks might be perfect for making s’mores… who knows! (Just remember to check the rules in your municipality first, as some towns don’t allow open fires or may impose fire bans in dry weather.)

Head out on a local hiking excursion: The possibilities are pretty endless when it comes to turning your Father’s Day hike into a successful family activity. You can incorporate a game of I Spy, teach kids to use a compass or map, or turn it into a treasure hunt to find specific plants, trees, or birds!

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Cast a line for a Father’s Day catch: If Dad is into fishing, pack a lunch and head out for a day of fishing fun. You don’t even need a boat to cast a line from the shore. Use this as an opportunity to bond with your loved ones, and teach them a thing or two about fishing. Get the kids to help pack a special Father’s Day picnic, collect all of the gear, and head on out for a successful Father’s Day fishing party!

Spot the Big Dipper: Weather-permitting, stargazing is an awesome activity for Father’s Day. Do some research beforehand on the different constellations and what to look for when stargazing. If you’re lucky, you might even see a shooting star.

For the dad who loves to play

Play I Spy With My Little Eye: Take this classic outdoors with the family and go on a Father’s Day neighbourhood walk to see what you can find. Are there some fun items to spot at the local park? Can you see a house with a red door? Up the ante by adding an active element: do you have to sprint to the next streetlight between every spy challenge? Maybe you need to do a few jumping jacks if you can’t find what you’re looking for? Let your imagination run wild!

Challenge each other to improv games: You may have little actors in the family that would love some improv action. There are lots of ways to play. One fun spin on this is to play an animal freeze dance. When the music stops, the dancers turn into animals! Take turns being the leader and “transforming” your family members into frogs on lily pads, fish in the sea, lions in their den, or birds perched on a branch. The last one to demonstrate the animal action is out.

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Try a fancy flight: Dad might love a friendly paper airplane competition with his favourite little pilots. You can easily find paper plane patterns online, such as this one. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on board this limited edition Father’s Day flight. Our aircraft crew is preparing for take off!

Put your right hand on the green circle: Maybe Dad enjoys some good old board games that everyone can get on board with. Try to stay active by pulling out games like Twister, or maybe you want to keep it simple and play Simon Says. Meme games or charades are also a great option to give everyone a chance to demonstrate while actively getting everyone to guess what they’re trying to be.

Happy Father’s Day!

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